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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Steve was raised a Southern Baptist. He was saved at the age of 11. Growing up in the church and being involved in choir, youth, and young  men’s groups instilled
in him a strong Christian foundation.
As an adult, he continued to share his
faith with others. He believes that we should never give up on anyone, continue praying and trusting God to  touch their hearts.
After a time of running from God Steve 
had an encounter with the Holy host 
which changed his life. On that day, January 13, 1974 Steve and God had a meeting.
 This set his feet on the path which ultimately led to this ministry. Delivered instantly from smoking and baptized him in the Holy Ghost, Steve fully submitted to Gods call and plan.The following years were years of learning, growing and
service, however God placed. 
Man's recognition of God's call began January 16, 1983 with Steve's ordination. Since that time he has served in many different areas of ministry. Helping to establish a new church in 1982, serving as co-pastor, serving in administration, praise and worship, deliverance, and counseling. helped prepared Steve for this ministry.Steve and his wife Pastor Cathy are co-pastor and founders of Word and Power Ministries. 
He believes in bringing forth the message of Jesus Christ so that lives are changed, people are set free, and God is glorified. His vision is simple…to see all people totally set free from bondage and sin, living a victorious life so that God is glorified and all people want what they have.


Cathy received Christ as her Lord and Savior at the tender age of eleven. Cathy has a great love for God’s Word and spends much time studying the Bible…digging for the deep truths hidden within the scriptures. She has a real love for God's Word
She has served in many areas of ministry over the years; a Counselor in a counseling center, as secretary for Women's Aglow, board member, and working along side her husband in ministry. Cathy has had many personal experiences with God that give her a tremendous understanding of what people go through. 
 Cathy was ordained  in June 2000 under the ministry of the late Dr. Lester Sumrall. She is Pastor and co-founder of Word and Power Ministries. She has a tremendous love for people and loves to serve. When ministering, she believes in speaking in love, yet telling it like it is. She won’t pull any punches or waver from the Word of God. She believes in not giving up until the victory is had for every one. Her ministry will give you hope, purpose and direction on how to live in the fullness of God and be all that you can be in Jesus.  Pastor Cathy is a real gift to the body of Christ to help each one and everyone, first to meet Jesus and then to walk in His victory every day.




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