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 Dearest Pastor Steve and Pastor Cathy,

    I have a miraculous testimony of God answering our specific prayers. I asked for prayer for my grandson Joshua, for his surgery to his hips and the bones and muscles in both of his legs. He has never been able to walk. The surgeons said that they would have to break and move his bones and then cut and reattach his muscles in both legs to correct the problem. 
    Word and Power Ministries, our prayer group, began praying. When it was time for the surgery, our Lord had healed Joshua's legs to the point that the surgeons only had to open up his hip sockets and gently move the bones to the correct position. They put plate/screws in to hold the bones in place until his legs healed. This was amazing!!! No debilitating and extremely painful surgery was necessary. Joshua is now using a walker successfully for the first time. He has always enjoyed watching children run when they play. He would laugh hilariously when as he watched them. Now, Joshua has that same huge smile as he goes as fast as he can with his walker, sometimes running! And the walker is only used to teach him how balance. He will walk soon! 
    Now, another miracle has happened. He was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and has never spoken a single word in his life. Joshua is six years old, and has only been able to communicate very basic words using hand and body gestures. But God is still at work in his life. We prayed for a complete healing of his entire body. This week, he spoke his very first word. He said " Mama", very clearly! You can imagine the tears of joy that our family have for our precious Redeemer's faithfulness.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! At Word and Power Ministries, you teach us the Word of God and how to walk in faith and victory. I praise God for you, and our prayer warriors!

My brother in law, Michael had heart surgery on February 1st. During the surgery. his heart acted up some from a previous surgery; but, he came through the two stint, valve replacement surgery okay. After a few days my sister, Karen, sent a text that said Michael was failing.

From the text, I knew that Michael might die. I prayed and wept before the Lord and asked God to please heal him and extend his life. I cried out to God, "He can't die now. He will go to hell."  

I called, my friend, Pastor Cathy, and asked her if she would pray with me for him! Cathy went right to battle in prayer with me for Michael's life! We prayed intensely for his healing! We prayed fervently about 20 minutes.

After this Michael started improving!

I would call her a couple of more times to pray through,as his heart was healed, Praise Jesus; but, he could not swallow and then his kidneys were not working correctly. Cathy and I agreed in faith and resisted the enemy again!  

Praise the Lord!  Michael went home from the hospital. I am so thankful to the Lord for healing Michael and giving him more time to get saved!


 From Carol:

Her son had been laid off from his job. We prayed for the favor of God in the situation. The next day Carol called rejoicing that her son had been hired that day. Praise the Lord

 My name is Duran, I am a teacher and as I prayed over my students and school, the Lord has given me several Scriptures. All of them spoke of being gentle, kindhearted, and loving towards these precious, broken-hearted Sweethearts, my students. This year, the Lord has opened the door for me to get to minister to them one-on-one, through a group at our school. My Pastors prayed over this calling and our Lord is going to open doors that were closed before. He is going to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free! Amen.
 Beverly shares the following. When I left home for church my head was so stuffed, and I just knew I had a sinus infection. Having an infection usually meant antibiotics.  Got to church and the worship began with song and music. Halfway through worship I felt my ears open and all congestion was gone. Praise the Lord. I didn't get prayed for to be healed, the Lord already knew my need. Amen and Glory to God.
You have been diligently teaching us about how what we say, is created into our lives. You have helped me understand, through our Sunday Service and during personal conversations with you, that the words I speak are creative, and that speaking God's Word over us (and our families and close friends) and then believing I receive these blessings, literally opens the door for God's blessings to flow freely upon us.
My oldest granddaughter was attending an assembly in the gym at her high school just recently. There were hundreds of students in the gym, sitting in the bleachers. At that very same time, 2 young men, students at her school, we're sneaking onto campus with loaded weapons to murder as many students in the gym as they could. These 2 students were in different locations and didn't even know each other. Somehow, security was notified and both gunmen were apprehended without anyone being shot or injured! This Grama is deeply grateful to God!  He watches over His Word to perform it. He is faithful and mighty! Praise God!!!


One lady came into the meeting with pain all over her body. She also said her sinus's were very bad.
She went home pain free and her sinus's totally clear. Praise God.

Upon being prayed for carpal tunnel was instantly healed, no pain. Sleep apnea was healed,

Pain in hip and knee joint gone,

Pain in an ear was healed,

Emotional pain healed,

A couple with barrenness healed and prophecy was given they would have a son.




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She came to prayer meeting with a pressure in her chest. She had trouble breathing and was in pain  - We prayed for her and she went home breathing perfectly normal.

Another lady most of the the time she has to put ice on her hip to help with the pain and does this most days. After prayer she only had to put ice on one or two nights.


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